Gantry Academy

Gantry Academy

A Partnership in Discovery


Gantry Academy is now enrolling ages 5-12 for the 2021-2022 school year. Rooms are multi-aged, with a three year, overlapping age spread. Learners help develop their own custom curriculum and are not limited to specific "grade-level," progressing instead at their own pace across core competencies.

  • Fishes: 5-6-7 years old
  • Amphibians: 7-8-9 years old
  • Reptiles: 9-10-11 years old
  • Birds: 11-12-13 years old

As our enrolled learners progress, we will add additional classes. Below is the proposed timeline for additional classes as interest/enrollment develops.

  • [2023-2024] Mammals: 13-14-15 years old
  • [2026-2027] Monotremes: 15-16-17 years old

Year-Round Enrollment

Our customized curriculum will be tailored to each learner. Below are some of the features of what we provide and how we help the whole child flourish.

  • Unit project results are reviewed with parents during conferences, along with any recommendations for additional success
  • Diagnostic assessments used to target additional guidance for growth rather than standardized testing
  • We provide an updated core curriculum for the new millennium (Multi-lingual Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Technology Literacy)
  • Robust extended curriculum is provided for the health of the whole child (Martial Arts, Culinary Arts, Drama, Music, Meditation, Yoga, Robotics, Coding, Finances, Agriculture)
  • Mentorship programs for all students and teachers provide a sense of responsibility and ownership in the health of the school environment
  • Optional continuing education workshops made available to the entire family offered at regular intervals for both free and fee, depending on topics and speakers.
  • Community involvement, good citizenship, and volunteering is emphasized as part of whole-child development


Learners attend custom, multi-aged, project-based lessons according to their own strengths and needs and guided by highly qualified professional educators

Maximum of 18:2 student/teacher ratio with two fully qualified teachers per class/group/cohort

The full 12 month calendar year is broken into 4 units of 10 weeks each with 1-3 weeks of break between. As a secular academy, we do not observe religious holidays, but we do have Spring and Winter breaks.


Our programs aggregate global models for best practices such as

  • Emphasis on teamwork and investigation over memorization
  • Integrated subjects with limited, meaningful homework
  • 15 minutes of unstructured play hourly
  • Thoughtful assessments rather than standardized test


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