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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As we get more questions, this page will be expanded to cover even more common concerns.


What is a “gantry” anyway?

a bridge-like overhead structure with a platform supporting equipment such as a crane, railroad signals, lights, or cameras.
  • a movable framework for supporting and servicing a rocket prior to launching.
The school name refers to the imagery of a supporting structure to help learners achieve a successful lift-off.

Can my child get into a good college after an alternative primary/secondary school?

The beneficial outcomes of alternative education, such as independent thought, self-motivation, and competence, have been embraced by dozens of colleges across the United States. Here are just a few samples:

Does an insulated private school prepare my child for the “real world”?

The idea behind this question is that, if we surround the learners only with those of a similar mindset, who are also learning self-awareness and regulation, how will they handle bullies at a playground or irrational bosses in the future?

While classic preparatory private schools have historically operated in social isolation, that is not our model. Gantry Academy is a non-discriminatory, equal opportunity learning environment that opens its doors to learners of various cultural, linguistic, and demographic backgrounds. In fact, they will leave Gantry Academy more prepared to deal with the “real world” than others who have not been provided these opportunities:

  1. The multi-age mentor environment provides interaction with others who may be at different competency levels of self-regulation than they are. This gives each learner the chance to see how others handle their own “melt down” state and, in turn, practice guiding others through difficult moments.
  2. The professional mentorship program for projects means that the learners will be working with actual practitioners in key fields who are dedicated to the growth mindset. This exposure and experience for the learners will allow them to determine if any particular work environment is right for them.

Is transportation available?

We are determined to make learner-centered education available to as many students as possible. In order to serve our Pflugerville and Round Rock students, transportation is provided with 4 miles of downtown Round Rock.

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