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Gantry Academy

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Summer Camps

Enrollment for 2021 is closed

Summer camp at Gantry Academy is open to ALL children ages 5-11, regardless of enrollment at the school. Select the camps that are right for you, or try them all!

7/12/2021  Week 4 – Math games

Play and design your own math computer games!

7/19/2021  Week 5 – Forest Wildlife adventures

We explore all things wooded and take a field trip to The Land between the Lakes, Tennessee for a week.

8/2/2021 Week 6 – Pet Vet internship

Spend the week researching and caring for small exotic animals such as hedgehogs, bearded dragons, and tropical fish.

8/9/2021 Week 7 – Wow of the wind

Wind down before fall semester with wind power! With everything from musical instruments to renewable energies, this is the week to air things out.

Location: This year camps are remote only
Hours: Virtual sessions vary per topic and session

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