Gantry Academy

Gantry Academy

A Partnership in Discovery

Our Method

A fluid methodology created with the express purpose of providing an individualized approach for everyone. We draw from Natural Learning, Learner-Centered Education, and Project Based Learning to give each learner the autonomy to direct and achieve their own goals.


Gantry gives each child the autonomy to achieve their goals by using a fluid methodology


STEAM+ is another aspect of our educational difference that is focused on pro-social behavior (the plus) within the Science and Technology framework of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics).

Natural learning has more to do with how a child’s brain learns than what they are learning. This educational approach to learning uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.


Students use rational based inquiry to explore physical, life, earth and space science from multidisciplinary perspective, learning skills such as observation,  inference, and experimentation to engage in scientific reasoning and critical thinking.


Students develop computer literacy and a range of skills, from elementary use of machines and apps to programming and advanced problem solving.


Students engage in hands-on, project-based experiences to deepen their understanding of fundamental concepts and connect them to everyday applications.


Students will explore a variety of artists, art processes and materials such as drawing, painting, printmaking, two & three-dimensional design, and digital art.


We balance conceptual understanding and procedural fluency. Students pace themselves for active engagement in solving challenging problems that are integrated with other subjects.


Students explore behavior which is positive, helpful, and intended to promote social acceptance and friendship and are encouraged to approach every situation as a potential win-win.

We emphasize teamwork, investigation, and critical thinking, which are skills that major employers have consistently stated are crucial when hiring new employees.

Authentic assessment allows each learner to demonstrate their progress toward mastery of skills and provides them immediate feedback, which can be incorporated into upcoming projects.

Each unit is learner driven so that they are empowered with the responsibility for achieving their own goals and focused on something other than rote memorization to pass a test that has no impact on their learning style, their goals, or their future success in life.


As a private school, we are able to extend our mission to the community in a meaningful way. We provide scholarships, work trade benefits, and ignore the local ISD boundaries and limitations.

Our learners have the opportunity to experience a myriad of social dynamics and interactions with friends from different cultures, backgrounds, or age groups, allowing us to bring the human village closer together.

In that vein, we similarly encourage all parents and teachers and the local community at large to come in for workshops and classes that are hosted occasionally throughout the year as well. Children do learn by example. Since we are engendering in them a love of life long learning, it is critical to walk the talk. This way, everyone involved participates in the school with a sense of ownership, feeling that they are integral to this partnership, because each one of us is.

This is not a repetitive system created to churn out degrees. It’s the students working toward their own goals with parents and teachers supporting them. By offering technology-savvy education that includes life skills and whole-child development, Gantry Academy prepares children to succeed at the life they envision for themselves.

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